This picture is worth a thousand words. I felt like my faith was being tested on every level. You know the adage, ”God will never give you more than you can handle.”  I found this quote to be true in my life through my own personal experiences so much that it would make a non-believer reconsider and see things in a different light. I took comfort in knowing that I wasn’t going through this alone spiritually, as well as finding support in others sharing the same tribulations. This website was created with the intent of sharing, so that you too know you are not alone and their are people out here to support you.


Recently my Physician said to me, you look and seem so different (post surgery). She said you are such a fighter. You are so beautiful. I said thank you for SAVING MY LIFE and restoring my faith in Doctors. Then we both a cried few happy tears and hugged it out.





This beautiful scar will always serve as a reminder of how valuable my health is and how quickly it can be taken away. Since I got the GREEN light to run, I haven’t waisted any time. It feels so good run and not be so tired afterwords. Now I can make plans for the future and you can bet your ass there’s a marathon on the agenda. I honestly don’t know how I made it day to day with a low pulse of 40. All I can say is, Thank you Jesus!!!:))


Feeling an abundance amount of gratitude for a functioning, working heart again. As I listen to my heart and it’s rhythmic flow it gives me so much bliss that I can’t help but cry tears of joy! It’s hard to put into words how appreciative I am exactly but if you could imagine having something vital to your very being taken away and then given back you could emphasize with me. It feels good to be here, so in love with life!!!:)



The surgery was a success. This morning I walked in with a pulse of 40. This beautiful picture says it all. I’m in a lot of pain now but it’s temporary.

Cheers to new beginnings!!!:))



Dear friends,

After copious Doctors visits and trying to resolve the problem personally through diet, therapeutic exercise, and other non-conventional methods of healing; I have arrived at the conclusion that I cannot fix the issues that remain with my heart.  While I feel that I have benefited from the holistic approaches, I have irreversible damage to my heart.

Moreover as a result of the angina pectoris attacks, I have had multiple attacks since becoming exposed it appears surgery is necessary to correct systemic bradycardia (low heart rate).  My SA-Node, which is our hearts natural pacemaker isn’t working right; therefore I’m having one put in to keep my pulse with in normal beats per minute. While I admit that I’m scared and nervous, I’m also very happy and relieved.  I’m looking forward to running without worrying about the aftermath of headaches, fatigue, and pain.

This is my last running record in which I plan to beat in my first run back! I have felt like a caged animal in the sense that this injury is holding me back and I’m patiently waiting to be unleashed.

With this being said, as soon as I get my clearance, watch out world! I have had time to rethink my priorities in life, as this experience has put me on a path of wanting to educate and help others.   There are 86,400 seconds in a day and not one will go to waist!!!

-Emma Carrasco




So far I have shared two out of three major health issues I experienced, as a result of living with toxic mold (heart and lungs). The third issue being the central nervous system. The problems started with the loss of certain motor-skills. I had difficulty connecting thoughts and I would either withdraw or avoid conversation completely because of my lack of ability to communicate clearly. There were times when I wanted to speak and nothing would come out. Additionally, this was accompanied by numbness on the left side of my face and while I don’t know whether the two incidents are related, I’m guessing they were. I felt frustrated and upset because this was greatly effecting my life and I had not a clue as to what was happening to me.

I started to research short term memory loss and ways to enhance ones memory function. Behind closed doors I practiced synaptic exercises to strengthen my memory function. I had tried hiding this issue and often declined social events, as I felt ashamed, and embarrassed, like an idiot because I couldn’t remember the simplest of things. It wasn’t till one day while looking at a cat and not knowing what it was called that I had realized the severity of the problem. I had a ct-scan coming up for severe headaches and I suddenly dreaded this test. Reason being (with my son and his well-being in mind should I no longer be around) it dawned on me that this could possibly be a brain tumor, as this would explain all my symptoms.

Fortunately that was not the case, as test came back negative for tumors. While I was relieved that the test were negative, I still had no clue what it was that was causing me to feel this way because I hadn’t discovered the mold in the walls, as of yet.

In addition to experiencing these issue; everyone in my home had become very irritable which was out of character for us. It’s hard to put into words the kind of grasp toxic mold can have once in the nervous system; however the best example I can give is through telling how we felt once we had moved out of our house for a few weeks while it under went construction. It felt as if the sun had come out for the first time in years and that a heavy fog had been lifted.

Consequently, since living with toxic mold, I’m now hypersensitive to it and my body knows when it is present. I know this because since walking away from my home, I have walked into two houses that felt very familiar to mine. It doesn’t take long to figure out that toxic mold is present, as the skin in my nose where I once had polyps becomes irritated. Then I slowly start to hyperventilate and my voice changes from the airways becoming inflamed. My pulse drops, I feel dazed, lethargic and need to lay down. Additionally, I can feel the skin on the back of my neck crawl, as if the fascia within is moving and also a tingly sensation in the cerebellum (lower hemisphere of the brain).  It’s as though a beast within has been awoken, as this happens very fast making it very difficult to realize exactly what’s happening and in both cases someone helped me snap out of what I felt like trance.

While the place I once called home felt like a death trap to me after toxic mold contamination, it may not have the same type of effect on someone who’s not hypersensitive to it but who’s to know for sure? So then wouldn’t it only be fair to know ahead of time whether or not the house your consider to purchase had deadly mold  in it or not? I don’t know for ceratin but I don’t think who ever bought my home in forecloser disclosed this or not, as it may effect the sale of their investment. I hope accomplish change with this website.





As an athlete breathing technique is essential and I am not referring to the unconscious breath that comes naturally. I am speaking of a skill that is obtained with a lot of practice. This technique gives a competitor their edge and upper hand over their opponents. 

My boxing coach was the first introduce me to this practice. He emphasized the importance of full deep breaths. Meaning, on each inhalation to fill up all three chambers of the lungs (upper, middle, lower) and on an exhalations to completely empty each vessel. The reason for this method is so that the body and mind stay oxygenated; preventing muscle fatigue, while maintaining calmness, and mental focus in order to anticipate calculated counter hits.

With repetition I would master this skill and be at the top of my game, but when the breathing issues began it made it difficult for me to perform. I felt like I lost my coordination, as if my equilibrium was off and I couldn’t remember combinations. My coach sent me home on several occasions for not feeling well. Within a few weeks apart, both my boxing coach and dancing partner dropped me. 

I was devastated. I went from being able to take deep inhalation that filled up my lungs completely to having my breath restricted, I couldn’t push air past the first chamber in my lungs. There are three stages of mycotoxin ailment and I was actively seeing a physician to address the symptoms during the first stage. Then I rapidly hit stage two, in-turn I would then be referred to many specialist to address the immune system deficiencies. 

I was diagnosed with having asthma and later chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is not something Doctors would normally expect to see in someone of my age. It didn’t make any sense why someone in my physical shape and who lived a healthy life style to fall ill so quickly; which is why it’s so important for me to share my experience with you. 

In the second stage, I felt a lot of pressure in my chest. That pressure would eventually develop into very sharp piercing pains that made it very difficult to breath. Although I have never been stabbed, I imagined that this is what it felt like. I remember sitting in the Dr.’s office begging him to help me because I was in so much pain. I felt an immense amount of pressure in my chest. I swear I felt the lining of my lungs which I didn’t think was possible but after trying an inhaler that my body did not agree with, it was as if I could feel the nerve endings in my lungs as they had become irritated by the medication. Almost if I had inhaled glass and I could feel the particles move with each breath. 

Additionally I had difficulty breathing out of my nose, as I had developed rinosinusitis and nose polyps. My nose was so inflamed at time that I looked like I had gauze in my nostrils. Between the nose and lung issues at times it felt like I was breathing out of a straw. With the inflammation in my nose and face, I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror at times. Before I learned about Himalayan salt, I saw an ENT(ear, nose, and throat)  Doctor that was able to help me with the nose polyps. The ENT Doctor preformed a minor procedure on me which made a significant difference. He stuck probes in underneath the skin of my nasal cavities which sent electrical impulse that shocked the tissues, shrinking and killing a lot of the bacteria allowing me to breath freely out of my nose again. I actually cried at the first glance in a mirror because I recognized the girl looking back at me. 

I feel that there’s a significant difference between asthma contracted by toxic mold and those born with it. The symptoms resemble one another but the biggest challenge has been to figure out where the problem stemmed from. In dealing with mycotoxin, its difficult to pin point. The reason being is that pathogens attack your heart, lungs, and get into your nervous system. All of these elements contribute to breathing issues. 


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